Cultural Heritage Services


What is Cultural Heritage Management? 

Cultural Heritage Management is the vocation and practice of managing cultural heritage. It is a branch of cultural resources management, although it also draws on the practices of cultural conservation, restoration, museology, archaeology, history and architecture.

In our own local areas across Australia there are many Aboriginal Corporations such as yours that need assistance with organizing, estimating, scoping and reporting on surveys and items of cultural significance.

This requires a great deal of patience dealing with the people involved, the requested work force and liaising with 3rd parties. 

Our Experience

A brief outline of our experience:

RIO Tinto; FMG; BHP; API; IGO; among others.

Tasks for these companies included but not exclusive of:

Organising, budgeting and administering all facets of the Archaeological and Ethnographic surveys along with the project Estimating and Invoicing.

Receiving and sending Scope of Works (SOW) for approvals both by Heritage Manager (HM) and Client.

Organizing the Traditional owners (TO’s) required to undertake the surveys; including any transport and accommodation along with Drug and Alcohol (D&A) testing if required before going to site.

Creating and gaining approvals both from members and client for budgets and estimates for works to be performed.

Invoicing at the appropriate stages of the project for milestones/stages completed.

Organising other 3rd party consultants as required to provide reports and findings of the surveys undertaken.

How Can We Help You? 

With a number of years’ experience in the Pilbara and the Goldfields region of Western Australia; along with exposure in the Eastern states, we are in a unique position of understanding the process and people involved along with a mutual motivation of the preservation of the way of life and cultural values and items of interest to these people. The future of Aboriginal culture is in our hands to protect today.

Services Include:

  • Lead point of contact for RIO, FMG and API (3rd parties) and survey teams via email and telephone.
  • Deal with 3rd party requests and issues via email and telephone
  • Back end support in a timely manner for survey teams via email, telephone and      online
  • Survey coordination with 3rd parties via email and telephone
  • Travel coordination for survey teams via email and telephone
  • Workflow and scheduling service for survey teams via email, telephone and online
  • Preparation and implementation of budgets in line with approved estimates via email, telephone and online
  • Financial settlements for survey teams via email, telephone and online
  • 3rd party invoice preparation for approval in accordance with PKKP accounting practices and 3rd party requirements via email, telephone and online